The Right Tool For The Job

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The Right Tool For The Job

After reading the latest issue of Website Magazine, I was a little irked when I read an article that listed “create a blog” as one of six steps for building generating incoming links and boosting SEO.  If you only blog for the links, you are wasting your time.

Blogging can be a lot of things: broadcast mechanism, community building tool or collaboration platform. One thing that a blog is not is a SEO tool. Sure, a good blog with plenty of quality inbound and outbound links can do amazing things for your SEO, but if that is your blog’s primary purpose, you failed.

It is like dating a Heidi Klum (or Tom Brady or whoever raises your heart rate) just so that you can be stalked by paparazzi. That Isn’t The Point!

Just to be clear, I’m all for taking advantage of all the SEO advantages that blogging offers businesses, but hate to see people start to lose focus on the real value of the tools in front of them.

Think about it this way. The claw end of a hammer may work okay as a screwdriver, but you would never give a hammer to someone who needed to screw something in, would you?

If you are more focused with submitting your blog’s RSS feed to as many directories as you can find than building a strong following of regular readers, you are missing out. Having just a few dozen faithful readers who anxiously await your next post is infinitely more valuable than a few hundred readers who stumble on your blog from Google and are likely to never return.

Learn to love your readers. Treat them with respect and give them what they are looking for, even if it means referring them to outside resources or companies. The more valuable you are able to make yourself to your readers, by whatever means, the stronger your blog will become.

Avoid thinking about every reader on your blog as a potential customer. Instead, get into the mindset where every reader on your blog is in training to be your own brand evangelist/salesman. If your readers start linking to, remixing and reposting your content, you are on the right track. Instead of being your blog’s one man sales team, your posts are able to educate, motivate and drive the sales force that is your readers.

Oh, and when your readers start linking to, remixing and reposting your content, that doesn’t hurt your SEO either.

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