Marketing In Uncharted Waters

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Marketing In Uncharted Waters

The old adage of “teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime” is one of my favorite analogies, especially when applied to marketing. I love teaching clients how to better understand not only their audiences, but the channels that are available to reach them. This allows us to bring the discussion beyond driving simple sales volume, to optimizing higher level metrics like sales lead quality and time to conversion. That is after all where this agency’s sweet spot truly lies. Our clients, working by themselves, tend to be pretty smart marketers and know how to “fish.”  We just help them to exchange their home-cooked filet for an entrée worthy of a five-star restaurant.

But  what happens when your marketing “pond” dries up? After all, you don’t expect that you’ll be able to push out the same cookie-cutter marketing strategies year in and year out, do you? The world is changing much too quickly to be able to hold that assumption for very long.

What happens when your tried-and-true Google PPC campaign takes a swan dive, when your unopened direct mail piece fills up recycling bins across the country or Facebook decides to go an entirely new direction and ditches the brand page that you’ve worked so hard to build? Many times the best bet is to move on to new waters to remain successful. With that move, there is a significant chance that you’ll be moving into an arena where no one has yet ventured, let alone proven that success is possible there.

The true test that determines those who will be succeed in future marketing efforts will not be those who are the early adopters of the latest technologies and communications channels, but the ones who are smart enough to adapt.  Smart enough to retain the lessons that they learned in their old fishing holes to optimize their campaigns and bring home much bigger fish than the rest of their competitors. Communications channels and media behavior are changing rapidly, but ultimately, fish still really like worms. Wherever you go, don’t forget that.

Photo Credit: James Loesch

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