Connections Matter

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Connections Matter

You’ve heard it. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself, but lets just throw it out there and figure this out together. The question on the minds of many of our clients (and likely yours at some point as well):

“But do you really think that Twitter is going to last?”

A completely honest question from any marketer concerned about:

1) whether the audience they are actually reaching out to is on Twitter in the first place and

2) if I make the investment to build up a solid presence there, how long will it be before everyone flocks to the newest social network (see: what Facebook did to MySpace) or someone buys it out and it all drops off the face of the earth?

One thing to hold under consideration is that compared to when Twitter first launched, it has seen pretty dramatic changes in both in functionality and how people have managed to use it to communicate and market. The one thing that remains (and this just isn’t with Twitter) is people’s desire to connect with each other.

If there is one thing that the entire social networking phenomenon has taught is that no man is an island and we all naturally thrive on building meaningful connections with each other. Whenever we meet each other in person, we usually begin with a casual “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?”. More often than not, we actually want to hear a genuine response.

The Web (whether it is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or anything else) has simply become a means to get that same natural satisfaction from getting information about other people’s lives and sharing our own stories no matter where we are.

So if you are still concerned about how long Twitter is going to last before it all implodes, think about it this way. If something helps you build meaningful connections with employees, customers and prospects: use it, be human and place nice.

But most importantly, focus on the relationships and connections that it allows you to build. Technology will change, but genetics will take much longer.

Long after they have forgotten your latest marketing promotion, email campaign and viral video, it will be the ability for you to satisfy their genetic need for building valuable connections with others that will last.

Connections Matter.

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