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Prioritizing Social Media Marketing Analytics

December 06, 2010  |   Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Prioritizing Social Media Marketing Analytics One of the biggest challenges that companies face when tackling a new social media marketing initiative is trying to figure out how to measure it. What metrics define success? Sure, your boss asked you to get more followers on your Twitter account, but what did he really mean? More referring website traffic? Higher brand recognition? There is no shortage of things to measure in social media, from inbound links, site traffic, comments, "likes", check-ins, the list goes on. The part that takes some thought is figuring out: Which of these metrics matter at all What they actually mean How you can connect them back to your overall marketing success metrics Before we get too far ahead of ourselves and into the black hole that is social media analytics, let's step back, remember where we came from and discuss some basic principles that you probably learned in your Communications 101 class as a college freshman. Communications Engagement Metrics Modified from Lindenmann's Effectiveness Yardstick Using this tried and true communications effectiveness yardstick is a great way to visualize your social media metrics. By organizing the social relationship data that you collect in relation ...

6 Tips For Building An Awesome Corporate Blog

November 03, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

6 Tips For Building An Awesome Corporate Blog While the latest social media obsession changes from week to week, the simple truth is that a well run blog should be at the foundation of most well-rounded social media strategies. Blogs don't get too much attention from the buzz-crazed social media industry anymore, but there is still tons of value in digital marketing through blogs, especially in B2B. Search engines love them, they are a great crisis-communications management tool, they can be great at aggregating your various social media activities across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and are a simple way to build visitor engagement into your website. But simply installing Wordpress onto your server and publishing a few posts isn't enough. Here are a few tips on how to turn your corporate blog: Create A Content Calendar Have the topics, but not necessarily the titles of your blog posts set at least one month in advance. While this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be allowed to vary from this schedule, having a plan moving forward for how frequently you will post and the types of content you will share greatly reduces the chance that you'll end up in the ...

Social Media Fail

October 15, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Social Media Fail I recently had the pleasure of speaking about my experience working as a digital media strategist  to a class full of college students studying social media. After wracking my brain for a few days before my presentation, trying to decide how exactly I should mold these young minds, I settled on one theme: If you enter a career in social media, be prepared to fail. Fail hard, fail big and fail often. But most importantly of all, fail EARLY. The simple truth is that the vast majority of work that the "typical" social media marketer does on any given day has never been done before. If it has, it hasn't been done long enough to have the pleasure of relying on a solid foundation of best practices. At best, we follow a general set of guiding principles translated from other marketing channels to best predict what will work and what won't. Game-changing strategies may look bullet proof on paper, but completely bomb once they hit the execution stage and launch onto the web. Other tactics that see wild success on Facebook may completely flop when translating them to Twitter and visa versa. There is nothing ...

Perfecting Social Media Skills Through Triathlon

August 31, 2010  |   Marketing,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Perfecting Social Media Skills Through Triathlon Anyone that knows me knows that there are two main buckets that I focus my time every day. Social Media: I'm a geek at heart and am obsessed with understanding the latest web tools that are influencing how people communicate, build and manage relationships online. Triathlon: It isn't uncommon for me to spend 15-20 hours per week of my free time training for endurance sports events. It is my biggest passion outside of work and keeps my mind fresh. Most notably, I'm currently training for my first iron distance triathlon next week. (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run) At first you may think that these two passions are polar opposite. A geek and a jock in one? In reality, over the past five years, I've honed the skills necessary to not only be successful in each endeavor individually, but also prepare me for the inevitable challenges of the other.  Goal planning In triathlon training, every workout has its purpose and is diligently designed and scheduled to meet specific short term and long term goals. No training session, whether it is a 2 mile jog ...

Back Off The Bleeding Edge

August 10, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Back Off The Bleeding Edge Building and executing digital media strategies for highly regulated financial and healthcare companies inherently creates two competing forces. As general “social media consultants” we must be constantly aware of the latest Web 2.0 tools, Facebook advertising targeting features, trending Twitter topics and Wordpress plug-ins. The list is endless.  Battling against that requirement are the extremely rigid restrictions that the healthcare and financial industries place on our clients, but also the internal barriers that our clients create for themselves. As a marketing agency, we are constantly faced with new limitations on what new marketing tactics can actually be executed on our client’s behalf. The benefit of hanging out on the bleeding edge of technology is the endless list of tools that are at your disposal. The challenge is understanding exactly what your client’s needs are and choosing the best tools from your arsenal that will not only deliver the results they  need, but also function effectively within the company and industry restrictions that are in place. Social media idealism has no place in working within these strictly regulated industries. There is only room for creative thinking and innovative strategy that has ...

Defining Success In Social Media

July 20, 2010  |   Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Defining Success In Social Media One of the major challenges that social media agencies and consultants have is setting meaningful definitions of what success in social media really means for their clients. This is clearly the result of spending too much time in the “social media bubble” and cut off from the rest of the business community. While it’s a common belief that primary social media metrics consist solely of things like comments, discussion volume, trending topics, share of voice, Facebook “fans,” Twitter followers and retweets,  the truth is that these do not matter at all. Even if you are given the directive to “go get more followers/fans,” I beg you to challenge that position. Instead, you should work to understand where the request is coming from adjust activities to meet the underlying needs that are driving the discussion.  Getting their new advertising campaign to trend on Twitter may be an interesting anecdote, but when budgets are being cut, it won’t be enough to save someone’s job. What all marketing programs need to focus on, whether based in traditional or new social web tools, is lead generation and driving sales. Rather than beginning your social media program by ...

Tips To Build A Better Tweet

February 26, 2010  |   Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Tips To Build A Better Tweet The barrier for entry into using Twitter to build your brand’s presence online is obscenely low, but actually using it strategically is where we see a lot of people trip up. Here are some quick tips to optimize your Twitter account and get the most out of all 140 characters. Clean up your followers list Pay attention to your ratio of followers to following. It says a lot about the type of account that you are managing. If you are following-heavy, it tends to give the impression that you are new to Twitter and are working hard to build up your presence, but haven’t received acceptance from your audience yet. If you are follower-heavy (like many celebrities) it tends to give the impression that you are selectively social, won’t necessarily reciprocate to messages from followers, but that the “Twitter-sphere” has give you their seal of approval and see value in your published tweets. In most cases, it is good practice to keep your following to follower ratio relatively balanced. Here are two quick ways to help keep that ratio in check: Unfollow stale accounts that haven’t tweeted in +30 days by using UnTweeps. Identify non-mutuals through 

Social Media Experimentation

February 09, 2010  |   Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Social Media Experimentation Working in marketing, communications and social media without having real-life experience consuming the media that you are creating is a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine a reporter for the Boston Globe admitting that they just weren’t “a news person” and could go weeks without picking up a paper or going to the local news Web site. It would be pretty hard to trust their reporting credentials. To that same point, wouldn’t you have doubts about taking advice on how to manage your company’s presence online from an agency that doesn’t blog, has one Twitter follower, can’t be found anywhere on Google and couldn’t find their way around an RSS feed? Here at CommCreative, we are fortunate enough to be in the position where we get to learn on a daily basis from other marketing pros. Not because we are simply sharing war stories from the trenches through various discussion boards or LinkedIn groups, but because they reach out to US on behalf of THEIR clients to tell their stories for them. Trust me, getting a phone call from another PR agency trying to convince you to blog or tweet about their client ...

Facebook Ad ROI vs Traditional Media: Case Study

January 06, 2010  |   Business,Marketing,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Facebook Ad ROI vs Traditional Media: Case Study While Facebook is arguably one the best places to stay connected with friends and family, it’s also a powerful marketing tool that we have helped leverage on behalf of many clients. A stat recently came out that 25% of all US page views are on Facebook, showing the immense reach that the site has built. One campaign that we launched for a major Boston hospital was focused on driving attendance at an event that they were running, educating prospective patients on  available varicose vein treatments. We were happy to once again prove that there is business value in Facebook, even if you aren’t a farmer, mobster or in a wagon train going down the Oregon trail. (Anyone remember that app?) In fact, statistics show that mothers and middle-aged women are the fastest growing population on Facebook.  CommCreative used that knowledge to help our client after learning that their target audience was women, ages 45-60, with concerns about varicose veins and/or possible treatments for varicose veins. By targeting users through their social data and geographic proximity to the various events that were being hosted, we were able achieve an ROI that far ...

Are Your Facebook Fans Tweeting Your Email Campaign?

December 22, 2009  |   Marketing,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Are Your Facebook Fans Tweeting Your Email Campaign? The thing that I’ve seen consistently raise eyebrows when presenting marketing communications strategies to clients is the idea that social media programs do NOT have to live in their own isolated bubble. “Wait, you mean the intelligence that I gather through my email campaign can be used in my PR/Facebook/Twitter/SEO programs (and visa versa)?!” Yes. Each medium does have its own challenges. You can’t treat people the same over email as you would over Facebook. It just doesn’t work. BUT, the information you gather from how your audience best responds to email campaigns to what keywords they search and have alerts set for to what types of blog posts they are most likely to “like” on your Facebook fan page has no boundaries (other than extrapolating to unrelated audiences). Audience behavior intelligence is universal. Don’t just collect all that information and stare at it. Use it! Understand the way that your audience behaves on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Linkedin/Google so that you can be exactly where they are, in ways that they want to see you while encouraging the behavior that you want them to express  (phone calls, link sharing, blog post publishing…). For a lot of marketers, social media technology itself ...

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