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AMA Boston: Delivering Happiness

September 29, 2010  |   Business,Marketing   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

AMA Boston: Delivering Happiness This week I joined some of the CommCreative interactive team at the AMA Boston event "Delivering Happiness with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh." Boston was the latest stop on his cross country book tour sharing his story. Tony went from running one company that was heavily focused on short-term profits to one that is heavily focused on the best customer service and customer experience. He sold the former because he hated getting up every day and going to work. The latter is experiencing record revenue and has spawned a separate company, consulting businesses on the best ways to adopt their philosophies. At Zappos, Tony developed a set of core values that became more than just something written on a plaque in the lobby. It became something deeply rooted in the company's culture to the point that they are willing to fire employees based on not adhering to the core values, independent of their job performance. Tony's focus on building a company culture rooted in not only delivering happiness to customers, but to employees, is rooted in the idea that a company's brand is merely a lagging indicator of its internal culture. The best branding strategists ...

Conversation is not ROI

January 22, 2010  |   Business,Marketing   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Conversation is not ROI In the early days of social media, the catch phrase was “join the conversation.” No matter what happened, join the conversation was the catch-all answer. Is it too soon to refer to it as “so last decade”? No? Your Web site is boring? join the conversation Your sales team isn’t closing deals? join the conversation Online review sites are tearing apart your product? join the conversation Is your competitor eating your lunch? join the conversation! But the truth is that “joining the conversation” has no direct influence on ROI. All it means is that you are showing up to the party and you are left to yourself thinking, “okay, I’m here… now what?” Just because you show up, doesn’t guarantee that you will be welcomed or that you even have anything valuable to share. Conversation is just one small piece of the puzzle, and sometimes does more harm than good. What is not said enough is that sometimes sitting back and watching the conversation play out without you is the best social media strategy.  Inactivity is a tough pill for social media consultants to swallow, especially when they charge by the hour and not program success. For example, let’s compare ...

Facebook Ad ROI vs Traditional Media: Case Study

January 06, 2010  |   Business,Marketing,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Facebook Ad ROI vs Traditional Media: Case Study While Facebook is arguably one the best places to stay connected with friends and family, it’s also a powerful marketing tool that we have helped leverage on behalf of many clients. A stat recently came out that 25% of all US page views are on Facebook, showing the immense reach that the site has built. One campaign that we launched for a major Boston hospital was focused on driving attendance at an event that they were running, educating prospective patients on  available varicose vein treatments. We were happy to once again prove that there is business value in Facebook, even if you aren’t a farmer, mobster or in a wagon train going down the Oregon trail. (Anyone remember that app?) In fact, statistics show that mothers and middle-aged women are the fastest growing population on Facebook.  CommCreative used that knowledge to help our client after learning that their target audience was women, ages 45-60, with concerns about varicose veins and/or possible treatments for varicose veins. By targeting users through their social data and geographic proximity to the various events that were being hosted, we were able achieve an ROI that far ...

ExaggeratingThe Death Of Traditional Media

December 01, 2009  |   Business,Marketing   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

ExaggeratingThe Death Of Traditional Media With every brand, big or small, clawing to create some tangible value out of all the buzz around social media marketing, let us not forget that traditional media is far from dead. After yet another year of being declared buried and forgotten, television, radio and even newspapers are still alive. Sure, newspapers weren’t exactly in great shape before the recession. Yes, they’ve been hurt like every other business and yes, just like every other business they’re refining their business model. But before you write up a death certificate for traditional media and leave them out of your marketing  plan, consider this: Television: 99 percent of video viewing was done on a television in the past year; less than 5 percent of TV viewing was DVR or TiVo playback. (Source: Ball State University’s Center for Media Design) Radio: Broadcast radio (free AM/FM radio) has the largest listening audience of all audio platforms (satellite, iPod, CDs) with 122 minutes of daily use, while CDs are at 72 minutes and portable audio players (iPods/mp3 players) are at 69 minutes. (Source: Ball State University’s Center for Media Design) Newspapers: 74 percent of adults read newspapers both online and offline. In ...

Prioritizing Media Consumption

August 04, 2009  |   Business,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Prioritizing Media Consumption Recently, I was invited to participate in webinar presentation on social media to a group of solution engineers at SAP. While we love each and every one of our clients (both paying and pro-bono) but it was really exciting to share some of our knowledge with such a large and established company for the afternoon. As happy as I was with how the presentation went, I love waiting for all the followup questions to come rolling through my inbox once attendees have a while to marinate on their newly found social media enlightenment even more. One of the most common questions that I get after presentations like this, no matter the audience, is “All these new tools are great, but how the heck am I supposed to make time for all this stuff?!” My answer is, and always has been, to focus on value. Look at the value that any particular newsletter or magazine subscription, professional association membership, twitter follower, RSS feed, podcast, LinkedIn group or forum discussion offers. In any single day, you have a finite amount of time that you can designate to media consumption (or production if you have graduated to ...

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