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6 Tips For Building An Awesome Corporate Blog

November 03, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

6 Tips For Building An Awesome Corporate Blog While the latest social media obsession changes from week to week, the simple truth is that a well run blog should be at the foundation of most well-rounded social media strategies. Blogs don't get too much attention from the buzz-crazed social media industry anymore, but there is still tons of value in digital marketing through blogs, especially in B2B. Search engines love them, they are a great crisis-communications management tool, they can be great at aggregating your various social media activities across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and are a simple way to build visitor engagement into your website. But simply installing Wordpress onto your server and publishing a few posts isn't enough. Here are a few tips on how to turn your corporate blog: Create A Content Calendar Have the topics, but not necessarily the titles of your blog posts set at least one month in advance. While this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be allowed to vary from this schedule, having a plan moving forward for how frequently you will post and the types of content you will share greatly reduces the chance that you'll end up in the ...

Social Media Fail

October 15, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Social Media Fail I recently had the pleasure of speaking about my experience working as a digital media strategist  to a class full of college students studying social media. After wracking my brain for a few days before my presentation, trying to decide how exactly I should mold these young minds, I settled on one theme: If you enter a career in social media, be prepared to fail. Fail hard, fail big and fail often. But most importantly of all, fail EARLY. The simple truth is that the vast majority of work that the "typical" social media marketer does on any given day has never been done before. If it has, it hasn't been done long enough to have the pleasure of relying on a solid foundation of best practices. At best, we follow a general set of guiding principles translated from other marketing channels to best predict what will work and what won't. Game-changing strategies may look bullet proof on paper, but completely bomb once they hit the execution stage and launch onto the web. Other tactics that see wild success on Facebook may completely flop when translating them to Twitter and visa versa. There is nothing ...

Back Off The Bleeding Edge

August 10, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |   Jameson  |   0 Comment

Back Off The Bleeding Edge Building and executing digital media strategies for highly regulated financial and healthcare companies inherently creates two competing forces. As general “social media consultants” we must be constantly aware of the latest Web 2.0 tools, Facebook advertising targeting features, trending Twitter topics and Wordpress plug-ins. The list is endless.  Battling against that requirement are the extremely rigid restrictions that the healthcare and financial industries place on our clients, but also the internal barriers that our clients create for themselves. As a marketing agency, we are constantly faced with new limitations on what new marketing tactics can actually be executed on our client’s behalf. The benefit of hanging out on the bleeding edge of technology is the endless list of tools that are at your disposal. The challenge is understanding exactly what your client’s needs are and choosing the best tools from your arsenal that will not only deliver the results they  need, but also function effectively within the company and industry restrictions that are in place. Social media idealism has no place in working within these strictly regulated industries. There is only room for creative thinking and innovative strategy that has ...

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