Back Off The Bleeding Edge

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Back Off The Bleeding Edge

Building and executing digital media strategies for highly regulated financial and healthcare companies inherently creates two competing forces. As general “social media consultants” we must be constantly aware of the latest Web 2.0 tools, Facebook advertising targeting features, trending Twitter topics and WordPress plug-ins. The list is endless.  Battling against that requirement are the extremely rigid restrictions that the healthcare and financial industries place on our clients, but also the internal barriers that our clients create for themselves. As a marketing agency, we are constantly faced with new limitations on what new marketing tactics can actually be executed on our client’s behalf.

The benefit of hanging out on the bleeding edge of technology is the endless list of tools that are at your disposal. The challenge is understanding exactly what your client’s needs are and choosing the best tools from your arsenal that will not only deliver the results they  need, but also function effectively within the company and industry restrictions that are in place. Social media idealism has no place in working within these strictly regulated industries. There is only room for creative thinking and innovative strategy that has plenty of life beyond just the brainstorming meeting.

Find yourself a strategy that takes the best of what is available in the world of digital marketing tools and is able to run smoothly within the framework of your company’s marketing and communications capabilities and you’ll not only have a strategy that will meet your goals, but be able to reach its highest potential to deliver value.

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